All Her Books. The Kathy Acker Reading Room

All Her Books relates to the US writer Kathy Acker by tracing the notes in the books of her library archived at the University of Cologne. The photographs and texts are activated in readings, exhibitions, and publications. The work can only expand in dialogue with others: Kerstin Stakemeier, Rosa Eidelpes and Claire Finch have shared their own understanding of and insights into Acker’s writings.

Performance: “let’s pretend history of the future is autobiography of the present”. A dialogue with Kerstin Stakemeier discussing questions about plagiarism, writing methodology and copyright as well as the relationship between libraries and friendship. Symposium Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe 2018

Exhibition: Kathy Acker: Get Rid of Meaning, Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe 2018

Lecture: „Kathy Acker als Theoretikerin?“ with Rosa Eidelpes. Symposium Forschungsmaschine. Verschränkte Verfahren in Kunst und Theorie. Volksbühne, Grüner Salon, Berlin 2019

Reading: „After after after Kathy Acker“ with Claire Finch. diffrakt, Berlin 2020