Aller-retour et aller

The performance Aller-retour et aller is produced for the cinema space and followed by a screening of the film Wanda (US, 1970) by Barbara Loden. The text enters into dialogue with the fictional figure Wanda, the director and actress Barbara Loden as well as the author Nathalie Léger, who dedicated a book to Loden in 2012. The reading dissolves the biographies of the film character, the actress, and the writer and shifts from one language to the other. By including material from private family archives and memories, the perspectives of different generations of mothers and daughters get into play. “A woman telling her own story through that of another woman.” (Nathalie Léger)

Publication with Harun Farocki Institut Berlin: Aller-retour et aller. On Wanda and Supplément à la vie der Barbara Loden, with an afterword by Clio Nicastro, HaFI #017, 2023 >>>

Performed at Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst Bremen as part of Publics & Publishing, 2022. An excerpt of the reading can be listened to here >>>

Performed at Kino Arsenal Berlin as part of The Making of Husbands: Christina Ramberg in Dialogue, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, 2019 >>>