Video, 7:00, color, sound, 2015
German w English subtitles

Anfangsszene (Opening Scene) is an experimental interview developed with actress Ceci Chuh. In an artificially set up casting situation a young actress is asked to talk about her acting experience and various acting methods. This mise-en-abyme scene lays open the many layers behind what we call ‘natural’ or ‘truthful’. Through careful editing the film also entangles us, the audience, in her actors’ games.

Actress: Ceci Chuh
Camera: Sebastian Bodirsky, Janine Jembere
Edit: Karolin Meunier
Sound: Jochen Jezussek

Video script, in: Kunstlicht Journal, Amsterdam 2015

After the Butcher, Berlin
Art Basel Film
Filmfestival Locarno