Krabstadt Education Center

Ewa Einhorn, Jeuno JE Kim, Karolin Meunier

Krabstadt Education Center (KEC) originated in Krabstadt, a fictitious town where all the Nordic countries send their unwanted people and problems. The zig-zag trajectory of KEC’s formation traverses between being a drawn element in an animated fictional universe and an actual context hosting educational time. The developers of KEC are Krabstadt founders Ewa Einhorn & Jeuno JE Kim in collaboration with artist Karolin Meunier.
Krabstadt Education Center: Conflated Places, Learning Pretzel (Tempat-tempat Peleburan, Mempelajari Pretzel)
21 November 2021 – 21 January 2022

A multifunctional learning hall that is designed from a pretzel, a common foundational food where they are at now. KEC’s space is regularly used by other participants of the biennale for workshops and educational programs.

A publication is accessible via QR code. It includes reports from KEC as well as conversation with three Indonesian non-degree schools: Gudskul, Jatiwangi Art Factory, KUNCI’s School of Improper Education.

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Design by Katja Gretzinger


PARSE Journal for Artistic Research

Spring Issue 2022