Person A

Video installation, 13 mins, loop
The video Person A (2007) emerged from a two-day experiment in the empty exhibition space of Bonner Kunstverein. Its agents are a camera on a rotating tripod, a microphone, various texts, and the artist herself. Activities such as talking-while-walking and moving in front of a rotating camera were tried out. Person A reflects not only the experimental arrangement, but also the space given for it, the white cube. In its reduces means of production, the setup differs little from the conceptual references of the 1970s. Starting from the quotation, meanings are shifted or disappear; the supposedly neutral black of the conceptualists is opposed by a white of the business woman. Art as business of spatiotemporal experiences. The text spoken in the video goes back to Vito Acconci’s action instruction Probation Area (1971) and thus appropriates questions of performance art: What is the (artistic) zeitgeist? How is a person-to-person relationship formed? What desire is triggered by encounters and thus what frustration? Who exercises control and thus power? The automatically controlled camera determines the movement, the movement determines the angle of the shot as well as the disappearance of the performer in the empty space. (Sophie Goltz)

#1 Bonner Kunstverein, Neue Konzepte, 2007
#2 Halle für Kunst Lüneburg, Doing Things With Words, 2008
Documentation in: Person A. Catalogue with a text by Sophie Goltz, NGBK Berlin 2011