Return to Inquiry

The inflationary practice of disclosing personal information both professionally and privately, e.g. in interviews, castings, confessions and psychoanalysis, also has a structural influence on the way in which people present themselves publicly, and the range of formats available for such presentations. „Return to Inquiry“ assembles corresponding scenes from art and theory and proposes a model of confession as cultural technique.

The artist book includes fragments of conversations
with Stephan Geene, Emma Hedditch and Marina Vishmidt
Design: David Bennewith, Colophon

Jan van Eyck Academy, 2012 · ISBN 978-90-72076-62-5
available at: b_books, Motto Distribution

Excerpt of English part  >> Return to Inquiry

A Pleasurable Self-Alienation. Symposium „Intermediale Konstellationen: Yvonne Rainer“, Museum Ludwig, Cologne 2012
Publication – Performance – live!, Les Complices*, Zürich 2013
Return to Inquiry, Temporary Gallery, Cologne 2013
Return to Inquiry, Archive Books, Berlin 2014