Template I-V is a series of site-specific works: performance, publication, screening and installation. Each of its versions revolves around the concept and use of „templates“ in language and space and responds to the spatial conditions. The images show drawings from the 1920s by the architect of the Frankfurt Kitchen and include floorplans of all institutions where the work is shown. Another element is the reading of an interview with choreographer and dance Biba Bell on how domestic spaces determinate our movements.

Template. Essay
in: Perform Present. The Artist’s Persona. Kunstlicht Journal, Amsterdam 2015

Template I [scale]. Performance
Video Documentation (detail), 30 mins, HFBK Hamburg 2016

Template II [script]
Performance Script / Interview with Biba Bell
In: Florida_Magazine, München 2016

Script mit Kommentaren von Stephan Janitzky und Maria Muhle
In: Visualität und Abstraktion. Eine Aktualisierung des Figur-Grund-Verhältnisses. Hamburg 2017

Template III [vertical]
In: Klassensprachen, District Berlin and Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen Düsseldorf, 2017

Template IV [light]. Screening and live reading
Cinema Arsenal Berlin, 2017

Template V [backdrop]. Video installation and reading
In: Korrespondenzen, Zwingli Kulturraum Berlin, 2019