Der Entwurf des Adressaten

Der Entwurf des Adressaten (The Outline of the Addressee) evolves around the act of corresponding, in particular the letter as a model of communication. The artist book inlcudes video stills of the work Brief (Letter) and a black-out by Willem Oorebeek.

„The fear of failing to reach the other, the failure of writing as well as the hope that the reading implies an understanding, that the meaning is conveyed to the other are characteristic for the process of writing letters. The choice of this communication media evokes memories of the past, when humans had to rely on it if they wanted to get in touch with a remote person. However, unlike one might assume, the letter does not constitute a particular special case of communication. With regard to the constellation of those involved in the communication process, a letter can be seen as an example of communication itself, if it is assumed that one structural characteristic of any message is the need to cover a distance.“

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Design with Gösta Wellmer
Video stills: Brief (Letter), video, 7 hours, color, sound, 2003-05
Image selection: Willem Oorebeek and Karolin Meunier

Published in the series Kombinator. Ed. Silke Grossmann, Hanne Loreck, Katrin Mayer, Willem Oorebeek, Eran Schaerf, Hamburg 2006

English version: The Act of Correspondance.
In: Novel #2, Ed. Roland, Matt Williams, London, 2010